Photography Project

To create this graduation gift, I researched options for online photo book creation software; arranged appointments with 7 couples; spent 1-2 hours on each photo shoot; used manual focus, digital photography techniques to capture each couple; organized and edited all photos within Adobe Lightroom 5; wrote a poem; collected quotes from each family member; designed a layout for the book; put it all together for print and delivery; and downloaded my favorite shots of each couple to a shared Dropbox folder. The entire project took around 2 weeks to complete from start to finish. This effort shows my creative writing ability, ability to gather information from others, design skills, knowledge of Adobe Lightroom 5, digital photography skills, posing techniques, and dedication to organizing and finishing a project in a timely manner.


This is a Prezi presentation that I created to explain the problem-solving approach typically undertaken within organizations or writing projects that describes how technical communicators should start and finish any project. To do this, I learned to analyze an audience using multiple criteria to tailor my talking points to specific needs, created multiple informative slides, and finally tied the presentation together using recorded audio and animation effects. The video was then uploaded to YouTube for viewing and feedback.